• Expanded network
  • Reverse mentoring – ex. digital skills
  • Insight into millennials
  • Training in mentoring skills
  • Recognition as a developer of others
  • Increased influence and impact
  • Improved management and/or leadership skills
  • Work-related feedback
  • Assistance in projects
  • Recognition from the MentorTex community


  • Intrinsic reward of passing on wisdom
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Increase in knowledge of diverse groups
  • Greater personal confidence
  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Transmission of knowledge, skills & values
  • Excitement & inspiration
  • Greater consciousness of what you are doing by teaching another


  • Trust is developed over time
  • Trust is based on giving & receiving feedback
  • Loyalty is a key factor
  • Trust is about being personal
  • Trust is about mutual work/life productivity
  • Initial pairings are for potential mentor and mentee relationships
  • Official mentor/mentee status at MentorTex is established over time