The process

We are building technology and processes that are easy to use. We are wide open to your ideas and feedback. Because we believe that the best ideas come from our community.

Meet Your Match

We match you with a seasoned local professional who has been there and done that. A more experienced you. Think of us as the eHarmony of mentoring in Texas.

Build Your Path

Your mentor helps you to build a career plan and grow your perspective. Your mentor serves as a touchstone on your journey and celebrates your successes with you.

Map Your Steps

MentorTex is your Sherpa, guiding your mentorship with simple tools and training designed by people whose lives have been changed through a relationship with a mentor.

Did You Know…


Our mission to connect and develop 100,000 mentor and mentee business leaders for an even bigger and better Texas is supported by the generous support of our sponsors and clients. Join us – get your people involved and come to our events, be featured on our site, in our social media channels and more.

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